RCI Points

RCI Points

Kainoa Properties is the Exclusive Agent for RCI Points in Hawaii at Sands of Kahana, Kahana Beach, Maui Beach, Gardens at West Maui, Kahana Villa, Hono Koa, Maui Banyan, Kona Islander Vacation Clubs.

As the world’s largest vacation exchange system, RCI has the most resorts and the largest global points exchange network in the world. That means more flexibility and more options for you when you want to use your points. There are over 4500 affiliated resorts worldwide in 100 countries.

Do you want flexibility in your Vacation Ownership?

RCI has partnered with Kainoa Properties to exclusively offer RCI Products to Vacation Club members.

Just by being a part of the Kainoa Properties family, you instantly have access to the world’s largest vacation exchange company. There’s a reason why RCI has 3.8 million members – you have the flexibility and control over how you use your vacation ownership points.

By being an RCI member, you have access to over 4500 Resorts in 100 countries. You can exchange your RCI Points for a vacation at another affiliated resort, and you can create the vacation you really want.

If you’re not sure what to do with your RCI Points one year, you can save them to give you more options the next year. If you’re saving up points for a vacation of a lifetime, you can borrow points, or rent points to get the vacation you deserve.

RCI offers the ability to add vacation protection, which allows you to change or even cancel your vacation.

RCI Members can use points to get a discount on airline tickets, rental cars, even entry in to select theme parks!

There are many more benefits to being an RCI Member. Contact Us to find out how you can become an RCI member, what the benefits are and how you can use your points.

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