Webinar for Kahana Beach RCI Points

You’re just a few mouse clicks away from learning about all of the benefits of your Resorts new affiliation with RCI, the largest worldwide interval exchange company. The RCI Points Platinum program is a true Game Changer for your Maui Timeshare.

In exchange for your precious time, Kainoa Properties will send you a brand new Tablet Computer to the address you provided. The Tablet Computer will be sent directly to you (at no cost) from Amazon.com as a special gift for participating in our short seminar, conducted over the internet, explaining the benefits of becoming an RCI Points Platinum member. Some restrictions apply.

To Participate in our online Webinar:
• If more than one person is on the deed it is required to have all on the deed to attend the 45-60 minute webinar so everyone can maximize these vacation benefits.
• You must have internet access and be able to log into the online webinar.

If you do not have adequate internet access but still want more information on these exciting new changes with RCI Platinum, you can still schedule a date and time below and add to the comments that you do not have internet connection and we can still proceed with a phone conference. Signing up for a phone conference for additional info may not result in the tablet computer offer, this is a 45-60 minute webinar.